WHO we are?

We are a community of not very young, but very progressive and talented individuals with many years of experience in leading world companies, united by a common idea.

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Our main aim is to finally provide the progressive part of society: ambitious people, professionals who know exactly what they want, with the ability to create new and improve existing businesses without delving into the technical details.

Products we create don’t need any improvement, adaptation or fine tuning!

No matter what you get as a result of our cooperation - a franchise, technique or technology created just for you. What matters is that any product created by us is ready to use from the very first minute without any additional configuration, updates, approvals and adaptations.

We only work for creative people, we do not work with the middlemen, promoters, administrators, optimizers, coachers, speculators, agents and other office plankton whose only aim is creating surplus value out of thin air - we only work with real partners in the real sectors of the various economic fields.

We are experts in the following fields:

1. Technological solutions for printing:

  • Manufacturing, processing, retouching, enlarging and reducing images of large and extra-large format
  • Prepress for printing on textiles (direct print, sublimation)
  • Prepress for offset printing of large and extra-large formats (sheet, rolls)
  • Prepress for Digital (UV Latex, Pigment) large-format printing
  • Fine-tuning technology for large-format digital and offset printing textile equipment.
  • Fine-tuning technology for cutting and cutting out sheet and roll materials (customized templates)

2. Technological solutions for packaging:

  • Packaging and dosing liquid and viscous products into the cartridges, with the recycling pretreatment.
  • Effective usage and dosing of viscous products in tubes
  • Packaging and dispensing of friable products of different fractions

3. Electronic Technology:

  • eMarketing B2B, B2C technologies
  • eCommerce Sales technologies
  • eMarket sales technologies
  • Adapting of existing eMarketing systems
  • Adapting of existing eSales systems
  • Development of eMarketing systems
  • Development of eSales systems

We create products that are subject to a single principle:

Once you buy it you will earn!

NOW we offer

We are offering our own brands, technical, commercial and
marketing developments, tailored as a franchise
business which is guaranteed to be profitable from the very first day...

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AGDesign© Merchant Franchise - The technology that allows to launch multi-channel sales in a short time, with the delivery of goods from the manufacturer, at unbeatable prices

AGDesign© Produsing Franchise - Manufacturing technology for decorative products, fully compatible with the software and equipment for pre-printing, printing, cutting and packaging processes

DECOmarket24© B2B Franchise - The technology that allows instant start of electronic wholesale, with the delivery of goods from the manufacturer, at unbeatable prices

DECOmarket24© B2C Franchise - The technology that allows instant start of electronic retail sales, with the delivery of goods from the manufacturer, at unbeatable prices

DECOmarket24© B2B/B2C Franchise - The technology that allows instant start of electronic wholesale and retail sales, with the delivery of goods from the manufacturer, at unbeatable prices


We will announce our new brands and developments.
They will soon expand our franchises offer and allow
wider and more diverse usage of our innovative technologies.

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FastDrink© - A completely new packaging technology and equipment for simultaneous dosing, using and disposing of syrups, concentrates and other liquid or paste-like products

DropStop© - A completely new technology of protection from drops and stains of wine, syrups, colored soft drinks, oils, on bottles, jars and other containers

OKpress© - A completely new technology for full and easy emptying of paste products packaged in tubes (toothpaste, remedies, creams, adhesives, food products, ets…)


We are ready to develop a product that will
fully meet any requirements and any customer's ideas
for the customers who did not find our offer interesting.

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It is likely that you after reading our offer are thinking that you wasted your time.

We hasten to please you; it is probably not the case. Provide us with your technical project, or simply describe what you want to create, modify or improve, we will do everything possible not to disappoint you.

Custom-made technology development involves considerably more time than buying a ready-made solution, but it will maximally meet the requirements stated by you.

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